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Entry #2

Uuh, I have real followers!

2017-06-13 09:53:16 by djhoneyb

(Copypasted from Facebook)


I never thought forcefully injecting myself to smallest corners of GD communities and attention whoring my songs in every single chat I have been in would've got me so far. These views feel immense.

O-oh hi-i t-there, J-J-Jaclyn has reached over 10,000 views, and in fact, lately three of my electro swing-styled songs have been collecting views like a vanadium magnet nails. And they just keep coming and they just keep coming and they just keep coming! Also, I have been racking up plenty of followers and that just feels awesome. And most importantly, all the comments have been positive and that is what keeps me striving forward.

And of course, all the praise, applause, thank-you's--and whatever--belongs to you guys. You, who've created and played levels with my songs have helped me to gather this fan base I am super, super proud of. I've never really got used to idea that someone might just enjoy what I do, and these comments and feedbacks have really made me feel happy about myself and my production. Just thinking about it feels odd, but ultimately freshly heart-warming. If that even makes sense in any way. To me it does.

Thank you.


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2017-06-13 10:55:26

Well, of course you have real fans: you're a fantastic guy & make amazingly catchy songs :D Keep up the work, Melissa <3 (And can you plz make a 2.1 update to the Melissa pack? :3 )

djhoneyb responds:

If the texture pack maker still works on 2.1, maybe I could




2017-07-03 22:16:29

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2017-07-12 14:17:29

Np <3